eyeto3y3 asked:
"you are absolutely gorgeous... I'm sorry but I had to tell you , if you haven't heard it already."

thank you so much that means a ton

I just found out that my life is probably over , and you really made me feel better thanks

dyingslowly4u asked:
"I wanna push you against the wall and rip off your panties. So i can lick your wet pussy and ass from behind. Then i will fuck you hard and deep while spanking your ass, pulling your hair and holding your throat and neck. My balls will be smacking your little clit until you come"

youre too small for me bby hahaha

Anonymous asked:
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k thanks

Hey mom I’m home

When I see a picture of my ex and his new girlfriend




we could be married with like 4 kids and i’d still be too scared to text you first




Honestly the BET awards piss me off so much.

You want racism? The fucking BET channel, the BET awards, the ebony magazine, the students with academic goals but only the ones who are black, MIST, the Toronto South Asian festival, all the…

was i wrong for laughing at this lmao